Back in 2013, a three week trip across the States, down the West coast and up the East, ending up at our friend’s amazing wedding in Washington DC, had fuelled our foodie fire…

One of the best burritos we’ve ever had was from !Loteria! at the Farmer’s Market in LA (Fairfax and 3rd). Smoky St Louis ribs at Mo’s BBQ Restaurant in San Luis Obispo, a student-town off the Highway 1 (and the happiest place in America according to Oprah Winfrey). Creamy clam chowder in San Francisco sourdough, courtesy of Boudin bakery. French toast at Mama’s on Washington Square.

When we started to talk about taking some time off work to go travelling and then, even more crazily, daring to dream that we might make it a reality, we knew that our trip had to start back in the USA.

First stop, via a quick pit stop in New York, is the Deep South. Land of the barbecue. Home of the ribs.

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