Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, Brooklyn

A good bar game has to have intrigue, space to stand and drink, and limited skill required. Hello, shuffleboard.

Having recently discovered shuffleboard at Brewdog’s Shuffledog in Leeds, and become very competitive with it with our friends, we saw Royal Palms (Union Street) on Foursquare and wanted to go and check it out. The shuffleboard here is deck shuffleboard, played on the floor with cues, and is popular on cruise ships (hence the bar’s nautical theme). We are used to the table top version, but the rules looked pretty similar.


Although all the shuffleboard lanes were full, we still had a great time watching the games and playing a few rounds of Connect Four. Unfortunately Phil won again!


Royal Palms has space for street food trucks which rotate on a regular basis: on the evening we visited, NYC favourite Luzzo’s Pizzeria had a pop-up, serving up pepperoni pizza pies…

Processed with Moldiv … great with the craft ales served in Mason jars.


We’d stopped off at Bar San Miguel (Smith Street) in the Carroll Gardens area, en route to Royal Palms on our friend Sarah’s recommendation, as her New York friend Megan works there. It was great to meet her and she recommended a round of Bar San Miguel margaritas (good, but very strong!)

We walked almost the whole length of Smith Street’s bar and restaurant area; if we ever come back to Brooklyn, this is the area to explore next.



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