About us

We’re Sarah and Phil and we are travelling around the world, through the USA, Asia and South East Asia, combining our love of new adventures with a search for the best street food we can find.

The idea for The Ribsmith and The Wordsmith came, like all great ideas, in a burst of creative fervour. On an East Coast train somewhere near Grantham. I really should have been planning for my meeting in London that day, but my mind was doing what it does best; wandering and day dreaming. Considering what we wanted to do before we tied ourselves down with the inevitable – a mortgage and a B&Q loyalty card.

Work was busy. Weekends were busy. We were having fun, but… Dramatic as ever, it really began to feel that travelling was now or never. It was time to scratch that travelling itch.

Neither of us having had a gap year (far too sensible for that), we have enjoyed travelling together by cobbling together our annual leave; a fortnight travelling around Tuscany by train and a three-week cross-country road trip across the West and East coasts of America. I’d road-tripped with friends from Canada to New York. We’d travelled from Venice to Croatia by catamaran. But none of it seemed quite enough. The more we travelled, the more we wanted to travel.

Along with our wish to see the world was Phil’s dream to start up his own street food business. We’d spent many an evening dreaming up brand identities for “The Ribsmith” and half-seriously Googling old Citroen vans to restore. Travelling was a chance to try out new foods and bring the best of that experience back home. If Phil is going to eat his way around the world, I am more than happy to blog about it!



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